Welcome to the Dreamr Governance Forum

Hey fellow dreamrs!!

Welcome to the Dreamr Governance Forum. This will be where all the governance discussions will be happening. This will serve as a quick rundown for how the governance process works.

  1. Start by creating a new topic in the proposal discussion category. Here you can discuss your idea and all the finer points with the community and help them understand what you are proposing so they can make an informed decision.

  2. Next, create a new post in the Temperature Check category with information about your proposal. You will also need to create a Snapshot vote and provide an access link.

  3. If the Temperature Check gets the required votes, it then needs a Consensus Check. Create a new post with a summary of the proposal at the top, followed by a fully detailed breakdown. Create a new Snapshot vote for the Consensus Check, where it will need XXXXXXX to pass.

  4. Reach out to the community to garner support for your proposal. Actively discuss with fellow dreamrs and be willing to answer any questions regarding your proposal and explain to those who need further understanding.

Before jumping into all the discussions, please read the Welcome to Dreamr Governance and the FAQ. They contain a lot of advice for how to be a valuable contributor to governance.

Please explore the individual categories for further explanations and instructions.

With love,
The Dreamr Governance Community mods.