START HERE: Consensus Check Guide

If a proposal has passed the Temperature Check, you may proceed to creating a Consensus Check.

Start a new Topic in the Consensus Check category with Consensus Check in the title so the community knows it is a formal proposal that has passed the Temperature Check and is being to a vote. If a Consensus Check is created without having attained a majority vote in the Temperature Check, or no Temperature Check was performed, it will be deleted by moderators.

Create a new Snapshot vote including the different points of your proposal so each can be voted on. This vote must include the option to “Make no changes” so the community can voice if they prefer no changes to what is being proposed. Vote must be set for 5 days. Provide links to the Snapshot vote and to the initial Temperature Check topic.

If it does not achieve a majority vote, the topic will be closed and may be resubmitted after a period of at least 60 days.